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Cellometer Auto 1000 Demonstration

Cellometer Auto 1000 Cell Viability Counter

Cellometer Auto 1000, the all-in-one, touch-screen instrument for automated 4x bright field analysis of cell count, size, and Trypan Blue viability in cell lines and purified primary cells.

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Transcript: Cellometer Auto 1000 Demonstration

The Cellometer Auto 1000, accurate Cellometer cell counting - Now faster and easier.

Prepare your sample as you normally would then pipette 20 micro liters into a Cellometer counting chamber.

Insert the chamber into the Auto 1000.

Enter a unique sample ID and preview the cell image adjusting focus if necessary.

Select count.

Total count, concentration and mean diameter are displayed in under 3 seconds.

Data and cell images are saved automatically.

Results are easily printed for your records.

Cellometer Auto 1000, faster and easier.