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Instrument Compatibility for Yeast Viability and Vitality Regents

Auto 2000
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Vision CBA
ViaStain™ Yeast Kit for Live/Dead Concentration       X   X  
ViaStain™ PI Staining Solution X X X X X X X
Yeast Dilution Buffer   X   X   X  
ViaStain™ CFDA-AM Yeast Vitality Stain       x   x  

Yeast Viability

Nexcelom yeast viability and vitality

Determining yeast viability and concentration during biofuel and brewing production is essential for process optimization and monitoring of alcohol production. Many of these complex yeast samples increase the difficulty for automated counting using bright-field method as well as manual counting due to the debris particles in the sample. By using a combination of fluorescent dyes acridine orange (AO) and propidium iodide (PI) Cellometer instruments can accurately determine the concentration and viability of the complex samples.

Acridine orange (AO) and propidium iodide (PI) are nuclear staining (nucleic acid binding) dyes. AO is permeable to both live and dead cells and stains all nucleated cells to generate green fluorescence. PI enters dead cells with compromised membranes and stains all dead nucleated cells to generate red fluorescence. Cells stained with both AO and PI fluoresce red due to quenching, so all live nucleated cells fluoresce green and all dead nucleated cells fluoresce red.

For AO/PI staining and viability determination, 20 µl of live cell sample is mixed with 20 µl the dilution buffer and followed by 40 µl of AO/PI staining solution. 20 µl of stained sample is then added to a Cellometer Counting Chamber and analyzed in <60 seconds using a fluorescent Cellometer istrument. Each instrument automatically reports live / dead cell number, live / dead cell concentration, mean diameter, and percent viability for the sample tested.

Nexcelom Yeast Viability and Vitality Reagents

Description Catalog number Unit size Manual MSDS

AO/PI Yeast Viability Kit containing dilution buffer and fluorescent dye mixture for staining of live and dead Yeast cells.

CSK-0102-2mL 2 mL pdf pdf
CSK-0102-10mL 10 mL pdf pdf

PI (propidium iodide) staining solution for staining of dead nucleated cells.

CS1-0109-5mL 5 mL pdf pdf

Yeast dilution buffer for use with CSK-0102 (yeast kit for live / dead staining)

CS0-0110-500mL 500 mL pdf pdf

ViaStain™ CFDA-AM Yeast Vitality Stain

CFDMA-AM stained lager yeast cells

Images of bright field and CFDA-AM stained lager yeast sample

The ViaStain™ CFDA-AM Yeast Vitality Stain enables the user to quantitatively distinguish metabolically active Lager and Ale yeast in pure cultures and in cultures containing debris such as beer slurries using the Cellometer system. The stain contains a solution of a cell-permeant esterase substrate, CFDA-AM (5-Carboxyfluorescein Diacetate, Acetoxymethyl Ester), that fluoresces green when hydrolyzed by enzymatically active Lager and Ale yeast.  The percent of yeasts that are actively fermenting during production can be determined and used to optimize the fermentation process during beer brewing, for example.

ViaStain™ CFDA-AM Yeast Vitality Stain

Description Catalog number Unit size Manual MSDS

Yeast Vitality Stain enables breweries to detect metabolically active Lager and Ale yeast at different fermentation stages. PBS included.

CSK-0125-200uL 200 uL pdf pdf