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Bright Field Cell Counters

Automated cell counter machines perform cell count, concentration and Trypan Blue viability on cultured cell lines and purified primary samples.

Cellometer Mini - Cell Counter Machine

Cellometer Mini

The most affordable option for accurate, automated cell counting and trypan blue viability.

Cellometer Auto T4 - Cell Counter Machine

Cellometer Auto T4

Automated concentration and trypan blue viability of cell lines ... even clumpy cells.

Cellometer Auto 1000 - Cell Counter Machine

Cellometer Auto 1000

All-in-one, touch-screen instrument for accurate, automated trypan blue viability.

Fluorescent Viability Counters

Automated cell counters with fixed single or dual fluorescent optics modules to determine viability while automatically excluding debris.

Cellometer Auto 2000 - Cell Counter Machine

Cellometer Auto 2000

Viability of primary cells in complex samples containing debris and red blood cells.

Cellometer X1 / X2 - Cell Counter Machine

Cellometer X1 / X2

Optimized for brewing yeast, wine yeast, platelets and other small cells.

Cellometer K2 - Cell Counter Machine

Cellometer K2

Cell counting and analysis for hepatocytes, stem cells, splenocytes, tumor suspension and other primary cells.

Image Cytometers

Image cytometry with bright field plus 2 to 4 fluorescent channels for simple cell-based assays with flow-like data output.

Cellometer Spectrum - Image Cytometer

Cellometer Spectrum

NEW! Versatile cell counting and cell-based assays utilizing fluorescent reagents and kits. Customizable for specific assays/reagents of interest.

Cellometer Vision CBA - Image Cytometer

Cellometer Vision CBA

Advanced imaging for hepatocyte, adipocyte and complex yeast analysis. Simple, 20 µl cell-based assays with flow-like data output.

Celigo Image Cytometry - Image Cytometer

Celigo Image Cytometer

Micro-well plate based, bright field and fluorescent image cytometer for adherent and suspension cells.

Reagents and Kits

Reagents and Kits - use with Cell Counter Machines and Image Cytometry

Nexcelom Bioscience offers a wide range of fluorescent reagents and kits for cell counting and cell-based assays. Our reagents are optimized to work with Cellometer and Celigo imaging systems as well as other fluorescence-based instruments.

Cellometer Counting Chambers

Cellometer Counting Chambers - use with Cell Counter Machines and Image Cytometry

All-plastic, disposable counting chambers compatible with all Cellometer cell counters; 2 counts per slide; 20┬Ál sample size

Nexcelom3D ULA Multi-Well Plates

Nexcelom ULA Multi-Well Plates - use with Cell Counter Machines and Image Cytometry

Available in both 96- and 384-well formats, Nexcelom3D ultra-low adhesion round-bottom plates are specifically designed for working with 3D tumor spheroids.

Disposable Hemacytometer

Disposable Hemacytometer - use with Cell Counter Machines and Image Cytometry

Nexcelom's disposable hemacytometer is an enclosed chamber with two ports for sample introduction. The chamber's counting grid pattern is the improved Neubauer. There are two counting chambers per slide for replicates.

Cellatice Cover Slips

Cellatice Cover Slips - use with Cell Counter Machines and Image Cytometry

Cellatice micro-ruled coverslip consists of a cell culture surface with microscopic identification and measurement markers. It is manufactured with high optical quality plastic suitable for phase contrast and other standard cell-based assay measurement techniques. Cells cultured on the Cellatice coverslip are identifiable within 25 micrometer.