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Cell Counting Tutorials

Cell Viability Measurement

Viability is a measure of the metabolic state of a cell population
which is indicative of the potential for growth

Most common method: membrane integrity

Studies involving characterization of pharmacological reagents and their effect on cell cycle regulation

Trypan blue exclusion: leaky membrane allows blue dye to get into cells

Good: capable for manual microscopy

Issues: operator dependent

Cellometer solution: use software algorithm

Reduce operator dependency

Reduce calculation error

Speed up counting

Better management of data

Trypan Blue Viability for Cell Lines: Exclusion Assay
Fluorescence Based Cell Viability Methods
How Does It Work.
Live Cell Concentration and PI Viability: Cell Lines
Count Live Cells and Measure Viability with Fluorescein Diacetate (FDA)
Live, Dead Cell Concentrations and Viability of Primary Cells Using Dual Staining Method
Count and Determine Viability of Yeast Using Oxonol, Cellometer Vision 10x
Multiple Optical Modules for Wide Range of Fluorophores

Viewing: Cell Viability Methods

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