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User Feedback on Cellometer X1 / X2

The Cellometer X2 has provided me with reliable counting that has standardized our cytotoxicity assay and maintains consistency across various users. Previously, I was using a hemacytometer for counting our human cell lines, which would often give me intense headaches from staring into a microscope for long periods of time. This is no longer a problem with the Cellometer X2! I would reccommend this product to anyone who needs reliable cell counts for mammalian cell lines.
The Cellometer X2 has increased the throughput for my mammalian cell counting applications tremendously. Before, I was using a hemacytometer for counting cells, which was very time consuming, and it gave me a headache! But now, I can count my cells quickly, which gives me more time to do other tasks. Thanks Nexcelom!
Our new Cellometer X2 has cut the time we spend on cell counts drastically, freeing up time for much more. The transition was very easy, the software is a piece of cake to learn and the support is excellent! -Josh Weaver, Westbrook Brewing Company
The Cellometer X1 is easy to use, accurate and fast. And to perform viability and total cell count in 1 step is fantastic. -Jim Elliott, Captain Lawrence Brewing
The Cellometer X2 has made our daily cell counts and cellar reports much faster and easier. The software interface and sample prep is easy to perform and give consistent, reliable data. - Joe Wells, Hangar 24

More Praise for Cellometer

Makes cell counting fast and easy! Disposable slides are so much easier to use than a conventional hemacytometer.

The Cellometer is very useful - it saves us an immense amount of time. We use it every time we plate. Thanks for a great product!

The Nexcelom Cellometer increased the amount of cell samples I could count in a day, increasing the amount of data points I could derive. Additionally the sheet of viable cells/non-viable cells, cell diameter etc. was extremely helpful. I used the Cellometer for counting SHSY-5Y cells. - Kaeli Freeborough, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

I love the simplicity and user-friendliness of the instrument. I learned how to count cells on a hemocytometer, which was tedious and required too much precious time. Not to mention, the hemocytometer and coverslips were extremely easy to break which, added up to a lot of replacement costs. With the Cellometer disposable slides I don't have to worry about any of that, and the computer does the counting and math for me. In addition, I love being able to adjust the settings so that it can count smaller cells such as immune cells. Sometimes, we have samples that have immune and/or cancer cells mixed in with red blood cells, and being able to gate out the rbc's through size is a convenience that I am extremely grateful for.

With Cellometer it is really easy and quick to visualize our cells and perform counting. Cellometer also enabled us to read RFP and GFP Taransfected cells very quickly - Neha Bhise, University of Florida

We are using Cellometer to do cell count and RFP, GFP readings. It is very easy to find transfection efficiency of transfected cell lines using Cellometer. Saving time in cell counting also. Very fast and gives dilution calculations, that is also a very good tool. - Lata Chuhan, University of Florida

The Cellometer has been one of the best equipment buys in a long time.  Very efficient and accurate for our purpose and it fits perfectly in our TC room and on top, it is very easy to use.  The lab is very happy with the machine.

The Cellometer instrument has made counting cells and assessing viability fast, accurate and very easy to do. I am able to keep better track of my cells because of it

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