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User Feedback on Cellometer Auto T4

Our Cellometer Auto T4 is easy to use, quick, and provides comprehensive information about our cells, such as cell counts for alive and dead cells. Having used a manual hemacytometer in the past, I am very pleased with the Cellometer Auto T4.
We use the Cellometer Auto T4 for counting leukocytes in single cell suspensions of mouse skin. This machine is a great addition to our lab, as leukocytes are too small of a population to manually count via hemacytometer. The counts are quick, reliable, and have sped up our isolation process for a number of applications. We are very satisfied with this product. -Michael Podolsky, Penn State University
We rely on our Cellometer Auto T4 to count for all the cell counting in the lab! The calculator function is a great tool to have.
The Cellometer Auto T4 unit simplifies the counting of a variety of cell types and makes a more consistent counting method, which equals better science and confidence in our data. The system is easy to use and the operation for cell counting optimization and calculations is a powerful aspect of the system.
The Cellometer Auto T4 has been a great addition to the lab. It is extremely accurate at cell counting in addition to detecting live and dead cells by Trypan Blue staining. The flexibility of reading cells of various sizes makes this optimal for any laboratory. The software is fast and easy to use!
The Cellometer Auto T4 has been an absolute dream! It seems almost too easy to count live cells, compared to the hemacytometer that I was accustomed to. I can now quickly count cells and use the program to estimate volumes of cells that are needed in order to carryout my experiments. I also get clean images of cells to assess their quality and fitness.
The Cellometer Auto T4 is very user friendly! We use it mainly for cell count and viablility with our primary T cells. It is vey convenient and fast!
Starting-up a new lab space in 2014 at a predominantly undergraduate teaching university, I was a professor at research-intensive universities for many years, but had had little prior experience with wide-eyed undergrad students. I was re-defining myself as a teacher in the process and had to figure out how to offer these young people an inspirational research course. One constraint was the time we usually have them (often just one semester) meant only simplest things, which inevitably meant grunt work, which too often I felt resulted in non-inspired students. I knew they intuitively gravitated to tissue culture experiments, but mostly these are too difficult to learn without contaminating the whole lab, and the data output one gets from tissue culture is so often of a molecular nature that its hard to get any reliable results in but one semester exposure to research. But, in discovering Nexelcom's Auto-T4 cell counter, I felt that cell morphometry offered an ideal first step. These instruments admirably are now helping most of my students get off the ground in their first research experiences intact with a good feeling about science. I still guide them carefully to the point of cell harvesting, but then they manage the centrifuges, pipettors, staining and then comes using the Cellometers - and they love the Cellometers! Throughout these exercises they invariably endure novice mistakes and have to red-do over and over, but it isn't too too hard for them to acquire data with the Auto-T4 - and its safe and not overly expensive - and thus its worked well for my needs. Then, once they got the hang of this high-tech machine, their feet are wet and many of them spur onward. Next, I like to see a sparkle in their eyes and they actually want me to give them a rigorous boot camp lab experience. For those that I accept into my "lab boot camp," it has been great and we're now able to publish papers! Thinking back on how we got this far, it seems they all were initiated via Nexelcom's AutoT4 instrument; mainly because it it so user-friendly and generates such a variety of data quickly. At the same time, the Auto-T4 has been a workhorse for my more formal graduate students. It stands as an integral tool we use at Mississippi College to create a great research elective expereince. Once that first fish is caught, it inspires them to want to spend more time and energy to learn many other techniques and little by little some of them get the research bug. My hope is that all this challenges their minds, eventually changes some lives, fosters careers in science, and advances a small part of God's kingdom. - John Piletz, Mississippi College
Our lab is using the Cellometer Auto T4, and this is the best cell counter I have ever used. You will be able to reach the cell numbers and viability at the same time. You can also set up your cell type to get more precise counting. It is a very good instrument.
The new version of the Cellometer Auto T4 counts very fast. We have used the Auto T4 for almost 10 years.
We have the Cellometer Auto T4. It has greatly accelerated the rate of production in our tissue culture facility. It's very accurate and we get reproducible results each time! -Jeff Anderson, Northwestern University
We like to use our Cellometer Auto T4 on chicken hepatocytes! -Adrian Bustamante, Ceva Biomune
I have used three different models on the Cellometer automated cell counter platforms. The all-in-one is easy to use. The Cellometer Auto T4 is the best cell counter by far and works exceptionally well with fast computers. This beats manual cell counting hands down!
I have been using the disposable cell counting chambers with the Cellometer Auto T4. Another lab had purchased this unit a few years ago and I just started using the Auto T4 last year. It saves a lot of time and is very convenient for counting cells, requiring very little sample. It doesn't take up much room either!
Our Cellometer Auto T4 enables us to provide accurate and reproducible cell counts and viability assessments very quickly. An accurate cell count is crucial to our research and the automated system of the Cellometer reduces intra- and inter-measurement error. -Gareth Willis, Boston Children's Hospital
 I have a Cellometer Auto T4. It's an excellent device that is easy to use and provides very accurate and consistent cell counts. Compared with other devices, it saves my lab a lot of time and avoids messes in the cell culture room. Highly recommended. -Roderick O'Sullivan, University of Pittsburgh
The Cellometer gives a quick and easy way to count individual cells and also increases the throughput and efficiency compared to manual counting. I am working with 200 different clones that needed to be counted and I am able to get the cell count, concentration and %viability in a fairly short period of time! If I had not used the Cellometer Auto T4 cell counter, I would most likely not have been able to finish counting cells from each clone. Manual counting would have been extremely time-consuming and I would be particularly concerned with miscount errors that affect the accuracy of the cell concentrations. All in all, this instrument has definitely been a life saver for me!

More Praise for Cellometer

Makes cell counting fast and easy! Disposable slides are so much easier to use than a conventional hemacytometer.

The Cellometer is very useful - it saves us an immense amount of time. We use it every time we plate. Thanks for a great product!

The Nexcelom Cellometer increased the amount of cell samples I could count in a day, increasing the amount of data points I could derive. Additionally the sheet of viable cells/non-viable cells, cell diameter etc. was extremely helpful. I used the Cellometer for counting SHSY-5Y cells. - Kaeli Freeborough, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

I love the simplicity and user-friendliness of the instrument. I learned how to count cells on a hemocytometer, which was tedious and required too much precious time. Not to mention, the hemocytometer and coverslips were extremely easy to break which, added up to a lot of replacement costs. With the Cellometer disposable slides I don't have to worry about any of that, and the computer does the counting and math for me. In addition, I love being able to adjust the settings so that it can count smaller cells such as immune cells. Sometimes, we have samples that have immune and/or cancer cells mixed in with red blood cells, and being able to gate out the rbc's through size is a convenience that I am extremely grateful for.

With Cellometer it is really easy and quick to visualize our cells and perform counting. Cellometer also enabled us to read RFP and GFP Taransfected cells very quickly - Neha Bhise, University of Florida

We are using Cellometer to do cell count and RFP, GFP readings. It is very easy to find transfection efficiency of transfected cell lines using Cellometer. Saving time in cell counting also. Very fast and gives dilution calculations, that is also a very good tool. - Lata Chuhan, University of Florida

The Cellometer has been one of the best equipment buys in a long time.  Very efficient and accurate for our purpose and it fits perfectly in our TC room and on top, it is very easy to use.  The lab is very happy with the machine.

The Cellometer instrument has made counting cells and assessing viability fast, accurate and very easy to do. I am able to keep better track of my cells because of it

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