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User Feedback on Cellometer Auto 2000

I have used different models of the Nexcelom Cellometers in various labs and it is definitely the standard for cell counting. Results are consistent time and again, the reliability of which is great when performing duplicate or triplicate counts. One of the best things about the Cellometer Auto 2000 in particular is the ability to distinguish dead cells from live ones based on different color staining. It allows for visual confirmation of what the machine is already telling us, which is great when it comes to really low cell counts that can be quite demoralizing. I also enjoy the ability to establish several different settings based on the type of cell, and also appreciate Nexcelom's customer service! -Melissa Yao, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
The Cellometer Auto 2000 is very reliable in operation. It responds quickly between functions and usages without rebooting. It has great consistency between different functions/modes in cell counting.
Thanks to the Cellometer Auto 2000, I can do my flow cytometry and HSC transplantation faster and better, while giving a very repeatable reading!
I absolutely trust the Cellometer Auto 2000 cell count results for primary and immune cells. It's easy to use and provides the accuracy I need for my experiments. It is one of the best lab purchases! All I know is that I'm never counting primary cells manually again! The customer service is great as well! -Joeseph Castillo, Genentect
Our Cellometer Auto 2000 has greatly improved the speed and accuracy of our cell counting and has allowed us to analyze our cell samples in a variety of ways. The AOPI feature has been integral in generating cell viable data for a few of our new projects. The customer service team is also amazing! They are very knowledgeable about their products and technology and are always available to help us troubleshoot.
The Cellometer Auto 2000 is a very efficeint way to quickly count cells. We have been using it for every cell culture experiment and pass, making that step of the process pretty seamless.
The Cellometer Auto 2000 system has greatly simplified the way my company does cell counting and has become a very essential piece of equipment. We use it for both high and low RBC cell counting for viability purposes to accurately culture large volumes of cells. It has cut down on the amount of time we take to do cell counts and allows us to complete our processes in a very timely fashion. Truly a great product! - Derek Grice, Cognate BioServices, Inc.
We purchased a Cellometer Auto 2000 cell viability counter. It is great for cell counting and viability recordings. The touch screen feature and cell imaging features are great.
My colleague and I have purchased a Cellometer Auto 2000 cell counter back in January of this year. We are using it now and it has facilitated our work greatly. We routinely process PBMCs from both fresh whole blood and from frozen stock. The Cellometer has made it much easier to get cell numbers and viability percentages for use in downstream applications such as IVS and Elispot. -Christian Elly, Human Longevity, Inc
I would cry if I had to work without the Cellometer Auto 2000. -Victoria Groysberg, UCLA
Counting cells daily on the microscope was very bad for my occipital joints and muscles. Since using the Cellometer Auto 2000, I no longer have neck pain when counting cells. Thank you Nexcelom! -Tiffany Sidwell, UCLA Immunogenetics Center
Our lab bought a Cellometer Auto 2000. We regularly grow primary human T cells, and with a lot of samples per experiment (20-30+), it has been a lot of work to keep track of growth/expansion and viability prior to having the Cellometer. With the Auto 2000, it is much easier, and much more reliable to count each set of samples and get reliable data on expansion and viability, and we are able to take samples for counts every other day, rather than once a week.
I have used the Cellometer Auto 2000 in my previous lab extensively for counting mouse primary cells. I cannot be thankful enough to you guys for making such a great product. I liked it so much that I convinced my boss at my new lab to buy the Cellometer Auto 2000 in spite of already having a cell counter from different company.
I like the Cellometer Auto 2000 because it eliminates manual counting and our counts are consistent between users. We count cells from primary samples and I like that the RBCs are not counted when we use the AO/PI stain. - Jeff Painter, Moffitt Cancer Center
Using the Cellometer Auto 2000 has been a walk in the park! The instrument is flawless and the digital display is exquisite! This machine has saved me so much time and has allowed me to complete all my work in a timely fashion. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work! - Dylan Johnson, Burleson Research Technologies
The Cellometer Auto 2000 has made it possible to work faster, more efficiently and with more precision. - Maria Agarwal, Johns Hopkins University
I like my Cellometer Auto 2000 because it saves my images that I may go back and review. I also like the histogram and the ability to export to Excel.
We have the Cellometer Auto 2000. This instrument has streamlined our experiments. We have several animal studies that require various cell counts. Given that these studies take place over several months, the Cellometer has given us a mode by which to keep out counts consistent (as opposed to manual counting, which would require the same person to count over the course of experiments and is relatively subjective anyhow). We love how quickly we can obtain our data and feel confident that the instrument is giving us accurate results. It's also convenient that the Cellometer works with a variety of dyes (AO/PI, Trypan Blue, etc.).
We purchased a Cellometer Auto 2000 in late May and have been very pleased with the way it has already changed the work-flow for almost all of our cell-based projects. We are finding it much easier to generate quantitative data that we trust at a rate of progress well beyond what was possible in our lab before by conventional imaging and image analysis approaches. - Rob Bellin, Holy Cross College

More Praise for Cellometer

Makes cell counting fast and easy! Disposable slides are so much easier to use than a conventional hemacytometer.

The Cellometer is very useful - it saves us an immense amount of time. We use it every time we plate. Thanks for a great product!

The Nexcelom Cellometer increased the amount of cell samples I could count in a day, increasing the amount of data points I could derive. Additionally the sheet of viable cells/non-viable cells, cell diameter etc. was extremely helpful. I used the Cellometer for counting SHSY-5Y cells. - Kaeli Freeborough, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

I love the simplicity and user-friendliness of the instrument. I learned how to count cells on a hemocytometer, which was tedious and required too much precious time. Not to mention, the hemocytometer and coverslips were extremely easy to break which, added up to a lot of replacement costs. With the Cellometer disposable slides I don't have to worry about any of that, and the computer does the counting and math for me. In addition, I love being able to adjust the settings so that it can count smaller cells such as immune cells. Sometimes, we have samples that have immune and/or cancer cells mixed in with red blood cells, and being able to gate out the rbc's through size is a convenience that I am extremely grateful for.

With Cellometer it is really easy and quick to visualize our cells and perform counting. Cellometer also enabled us to read RFP and GFP Taransfected cells very quickly - Neha Bhise, University of Florida

We are using Cellometer to do cell count and RFP, GFP readings. It is very easy to find transfection efficiency of transfected cell lines using Cellometer. Saving time in cell counting also. Very fast and gives dilution calculations, that is also a very good tool. - Lata Chuhan, University of Florida

The Cellometer has been one of the best equipment buys in a long time.  Very efficient and accurate for our purpose and it fits perfectly in our TC room and on top, it is very easy to use.  The lab is very happy with the machine.

The Cellometer instrument has made counting cells and assessing viability fast, accurate and very easy to do. I am able to keep better track of my cells because of it

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